Thankful Thursday

In the last few days, I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls and hugs. Everyone wishing me well before my swim. People asking how I’m doing and how I’m feeling. The last couple of weeks have been a big mix of emotions. Crying, anxiety, frustration and fear. Today though I’m excited and super stoked to be heading out tomorrow night. My biggest concern? Staying up all night. I’m usually pretty early to bed, so here’s to hoping I don’t turn into a pumpkin!

The last year and a half has been a ton of fun. While it does seem like I was just sending in my deposit for the boat, it’s also been a lot of work. My husband, Kyle, is by far the best partner I could ever hope for. He encouraged me to leave a job where I was very unhappy and explore my interests and passions. When I’ve left the house well before sunrise for training swims he has always made sure that all of our pets were cared for and that I had everything I wanted and needed when I got home.

I’ve had the best support in the water too. Between: Kevin, Becky, Carol, Paula, Dan, and Yiga. I’ve always had someone to paddle for long training swims and encourage me when I’ve been less than sure about all of this!

Today I’m extremely excited and very grateful!

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