Being in the Water Feels Good Again

Last night I swam 3,500 yards, and this afternoon I swam 1,700 yards. My distances aren’t huge, but my times are back to what they were pre “my jaw and traps are a mess”. Physical therapy is working, being in the water feels good, and I’m happy. If I have a lot of work done on my jaw then one or both ears hurt (and they always ring), but I can wear earplugs and an MP3 player to work around that. I’m looking forward to more swimming in the ocean and getting faster in the pool.

I’m excited to be going to the 24 hour relay in San Francisco to see friends, and meet new ones in person for the first time!

A lot has gone on Since Catalina. We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in Kauai and Maui, bought our first house, and added the most perfect standard poodle to our family. I’m writing, reading, and painting and drawing more again too.

Feeling a little more normal is very welcomed and much appreciated.

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