Channel Planning 

I brought a calander to practice. Kevin and I went through it page by page. Circling dates and mapping out times. The first swim will be in February for three hours. It’ll be chilly (at least as cold as the water can be in San Diego), and I wont be wearing a wetsuit. We’ll go every three weeks building time and acclimating to the cold. In between swims with Kevin I’ll swim on my own practicing staying relaxed even if I’m not comfortable and swimming through the winter. 

My check has been sent in and my boat has been booked. September 7, 2018 around 11:30 pm I’ll start my swim from Catalina island back to the mainland of California. 

Over the next few weeks I’ll be setting up a fundraiser as I’d like this to raise awareness for something. Nothing about the fundraiser is set in stone yet, so more on that later. 

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