Some Swims are Hard

It rained a little almost every night last week. I thought our swim was going to get pushed from La Jolla Shores to Bonita Cove (in the bay). But it didn’t, and at 4:30 I pulled into the parking lot at the shores.

The surf was bigger than predicted with swells coming from, seemingly, multiple directions. We swam north to the glider port and then turned around and went back to the shores. On our way back there was a pod of juvenile sea lions playing in the water, and likely wondering why I’m such an inefficient swimmer! We were supposed to meet Becky at 8 (3 hours into my swim), but we couldn’t find her. We sat by a buoy for a few minutes and I had one of my feeds. Then we kept swimming kind of to the cove. Kevin kept an eye out, but couldn’t spot her as we kept going.

About 25 minutes later Kevin popped up, she found us! We let her know that it we were just about to finish. And she was just fine with that!

Meli came down later and joined me for breakfast and pedicures.

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