With a Little Help from My Friends

Last year when I was helping Diana with Swim4Vets I organized T-shirt sales to raise money for homeless veterans with Father Joe’s Villages. This year I’m raising money for a different NPO, Sports for Exceptional Athletes. The money I raise will be used for scholarship money for adapted swim lessons and teams for individuals with developmental disabilities.

This year I’m selling silicone swim caps with the Nautical Miles Radical Smiles logo that my friend, Dawn, designed for me. If you’re interested in one please contact me!

To date I’ve raised $658, and my swim is still about 8 months away! The support and love that my friends and family have shown is incredible!

Something else that’s recently been impactful on my life is that I had been working in animal welfare and sheltering for seven years, and I quit my job. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, and I’m using this year to fully decide on what kind of credentials I’d like to pursue. In doing this I’ve been working for a small school district as a 1:1 aide in a Special Day Class with some pretty amazing students. I love seeing the authentic friendships being formed and the genuine belly laughs that can occasionally be heard from teenagers. It has been a great experience! The district is in a relatively rural community a bit east of San Diego. I don’t have to take the freeway and my commute is mostly scenic. My colleagues have asked me about plans for the weekend, and they always include swimming. These conversations often lead to talking about my upcoming channel swim, and everyone has been so supportive. They even placed an article in the local newspaper about me!

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