The First Long Swim

The date of the swim got changed up a bit due to other commitments and then weather but we ended up going out on Sunday (2/18), and Becky came too! Becky weaved back and forth adding extra distance (for her) to compensate for her being so speedy. Kevin Paddled along side me offering simple instructions through hand signals as I swam.

He told me he was proud of me for being brave and not swimming in his armpit like I did last time. He also told me I had some stuff to work on. I had fun, but I was disappointed in myself. I wanted to swim faster and farther. When I looked back through my Garmin app though, I realized that I had done fine. I was swimming faster than I did last year and it was in open water not in a pool.

We went 5.25 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes. The water was around 59F, the sun was shining, and the sea was calm. It was a perfect San Diego winter swim.

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