Spring Break Swimming

I swam in the ocean nearly every day for the last two weeks, and it was good. The kind of good where you see the kelp swaying below you. The kind of good where you see the fish swim to the right and then quickly to the left. The kind where you can feel your glide seeming longer and smoother.

The water was cool. Early in the week it was around 57, and then it found its way up to 59. One day we saw three small sharks and another we saw one. I told Becca about the sharks that we saw and she quickly gasped, “wait you actually see sharks? Uhuh! No thank you!” I laughed and she told me I was crazy.

The last two days of spring break I had to do back to back 5 mile swims. Saturday I swam with Becky. We started at the shores and went to the cove then the pier then back to the shores, then to the cove, then parallel with the shore to the main lifeguard tower. We swam a few hundred yards under 5 miles in 2 hours and 33 minutes (or something like that). The real adventure started when we got out of the water, though. Becky’s hands were cold and she pushed the key a smidge too far back into its’ hidey hole. I found sticks and we lay on the asphalt poking and pushing trying to get it out. After about 20 minutes we were both filthy, but the key was out and we were headed to a well deserved lunch.

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